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302 2nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
40.674386 – 73.984783

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BARE’s Fabulous Five Main Features

1 Real people

We welcome absolutely anyone to BARE who respects that our platform is about making people feel good about themselves, promoting body confidence and most of all about ensuring everyone is real. BARE is the first major dating app to use a combination of AI and human intelligence to ensure our community of users are real.

2 The revealing process

BARE as little or as much as you like physically & emotionally through the BARE experience!

3 Not showing your full face until you pair with someone

At BARE we believe in giving everyone a level playing field. We also believe in getting to know someone first before you reveal your ‘full’ face as it makes our dating experience more fun too.* Once you have paired you can then reveal what you want and when you want – it’s Your Body, Your Rules!

*You have the option to show your full face on your main and only public profile picture if a premium user.

4 Compulsory setting your status for what you are looking for

Choose between ‘Casual Respectful Fun’ (CRF), ‘Something More Serious’ (SMS) or ‘Open to Options’ (OTO) and you can change your status any time by editing your profile depending on how you feel.

5 Hide real age

Age is just a number at BARE but if you want potential pairs to be guessing yours then you can simply tick the box to not show your exact age. Other users will then know that you are in an age parameter of circa 5 years to your actual age.