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texting and sexting

Be wary of sexting on Snapchat: anyone can save your videos

In theory, videos you send through Poke and Snapchat should disappear within ten seconds or less. But in reality, there is a security flaw which makes it very easy to save videos permanently and the sender wouldn’t even know it.

*How safe is sexting on Snapchat?

Many people like Snapchat because a video or a photo sent through Snapchat totally disappears after several seconds. It is said that the photo or the video is immediately deleted off of Snapchat’s servers as well. This feature is perfect for sending unflattering photos, silly images or videos of yourself that you would never send in the first place or…sexting.

Because Mark Zuckerberg truly understands business, Facebook has copied Snapchat’s feature – now Facebook has introduced a “Poke” feature which works just like Snapchat.

Unfortunately, there is a simple way to save all videos sent through either Poke or Snapchat; consequently, their promise is not here anymore – Both Poke and Snapchat store copies of videos locally, meaning as long as you have a free iPhone file browser, you can access those videos which have been sent to users. This is how to access videos on Snapchat and Poke easily:

Simply plug your iPhone into a laptop, and then open an iPhone file browser such as iFunBox. Open the Snapchat folder. Find a folder called ‘tmp’ which basically means files are temporarily saved in this folder. When it comes to Facebook’s Poke, videos are saved a bit deeper in the app’s files (go to “library” – “caches” – “fbstore” – “mediacard”). Just copy the videos to your laptop and you can save these videos forever.

To be more precise, Snapchat’s videos stay in this folder even after they have been viewed, whereas Poke’s videos seem to be deleted after they have been viewed (but we don’t know when videos are deleted). Fortunately, photos are not saved as far as I know.

*Sexting is not safe on Snapchat and Poke.

Although a user can take screenshots of videos and photos in both Snapchat and Poke, the sender immediately receives a notification if the recipient actually takes a screenshot. Nevertheless, the sender doesn’t receive a notification when their videos are copied by the recipient.

Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat, refused to give an official response to what has happened. He only said, “Those who enjoy using Snapchat are individuals who embrace the intent and the spirit of this service. There will always be ways to reverse engineer technology products; however, that spoils the fun.”

Worse still, recently Snapchat patched a very obvious exploit in Android which saved unwatched videos in the mobile phone’s gallery. As for Facebook, this is their official response: “We are currently addressing this issue. We will have a solution soon. Poke is an interesting way to communicate with your friends and is not supposed to be a safe messaging system. Although Poke’s disappear after they have been read, there are still other ways that users can possibly save them. For instance, you can take a screenshot of a picture, in which case the sender is notified. Users can also take a photo of a photo you’ve sent them, or a video of a video, with another camera, of course. Due to this issue, users would be well-advised to think about what they’re sending and share responsibly.”

*What does this mean to Internet users?

Obviously, most Snapchat and Poke users aren’t going to use this method to save videos. Nonetheless, users have to be aware that their information on Poke and Snapchat is not as safe as they assume it should be. Some people will definitely take advantage of this problem which allows them to save the type of videos that were not intended to stay there forever.

Therefore, my recommendation is sexting can still be fun even without videos and photos – you just need to understand the joy of texting which includes sexting. Let me explain.

The first text message that you send to a hot guy shouldn’t be, “Hi, What R U up to?” (This is so boring).

Instead, you send this text message to him: “I was watching Mad Men and just realised that you remind me of John Slattery.”

That’s it. You don’t explain why he reminds you of John Slattery. Now he will Google John Slattery and look at his Wikipedia page – he will realise that John Slattery is attractive, but John Slattery is not the hottest movie star ever. What’s more, his character Roger Sterling on Mad Men is cool, but Roger Sterling is clearly not as handsome as Don Draper on that TV show. As a result, this text message increases your perceived challenge – you find this guy reasonably attractive, but you don’t think he is too sexy for you.

Then he will ask you, “Why do I remind you of John Slattery?” Now you can send this text message to him, “You both have sparkling eyes.” – This message looks like a compliment; however, it’s not really clear. Thus, this keeps him guessing and he will want to work harder in order to get you.

Next time when he sends you a boring message such as “What R U up to?”, you will send this text to him, “I just had a bath, so actually I’m in a good mood right now.” Please note that you mentioned you just had a bath; as a result, he will start to imagine you being naked in the bath (and that’s exactly what you want him to imagine).

If he sends you a text message, “What time are we going to meet on Thursday night?”, you send this text to him, “Sex o’clock.” Then immediately, you send another text to him, “I mean six o’clock. My mobile phone’s auto-correction can’t be switched off!” (You don’t even need to apologise.) Now he will laugh and you know you can take sexting to the next level in record time.

After sexting the cute guy under the radar for a period of time, you can make sexting sexier. Here is an example:

HIM: “I just made cakes with my cousin tonight. I haven’t done this for at least ten years.”

YOU: “Oh, really?! You have never made a cake for me yet. Should I feel upset or hurt? @.@”

HIM: “No worries. I will make one for you this weekend.”

YOU: “Thanks. You’re sweet. The icing must be a sexually charged kiss. Otherwise, I will decide whether I should feel upset or hurt. -.-”

In this example, your text messages include unique pairings: When you “blame” him for not making any cakes for you, you also add an innocent emoji. Therefore, no one feels awkward. When you pay him a compliment by saying he is sweet, you also tell him which icing is right.

Sexting like a pro (advice for elegant women who want to be sexy and playful):

HIM: “Morning. How R U today?”

YOU: “Just had a dream about you before waking up…”

HIM: “Really? What did I do in this dream?”

YOU: “I can’t say that…But you’ve never shown that mischievous side of you :-P”

Sexting helps you to effectively sexualise your interactions with attractive men… when it’s done in the right ways, of course.