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5 Top Tips for keeping it safe yet sensational on all your dating platforms

Don’t Be Blinded by Lust, Safety is a Must!

The world of online dating can be a precarious tight rope in our modern age of sometimes invasive technology. Many of us are trapped between acting on impulse on a sudden rush of chemistry with an intriguing new match and the problematic reality that the online realm is not always what is seems. 

So how do we know what’s TMI and what’s acceptable and more importantly safe to share with essentially complete strangers who you hope to become much more? 

Here are some top tips to make sure you can get to know your online matches without compromising your safety and privacy, keeping it an enjoyable yet safe experience at all times:     

1) Keep Your Private Number Private with a Proxy Phone Number.  

Wanting to take things further with a match but hesitant to give up your personal contact details too soon? Rightly so, you shouldn’t be giving out your personal information to a complete stranger online, whether they hold romantic potential or not. However you want to keep lines of communication open and let them know that you’re interested in them. What to do?! 

One way of staying connected whilst maintaining your privacy in those early and uncertain stages is by obtaining a Google Voice Proxy Number.

It’s free to use and works by routing a temporary proxy phone number to your personal phone number, meaning when you text or call your online matches directly from your phone, they will ONLY see the proxy number, giving you time to build trust before giving up this piece of personal information. 

2) Safety First! Check out your options before signing up.

Most dating platforms have parameters allowing you to modify your privacy settings to what you are comfortable with. However each one will vary meaning that it’s always a good idea to check this out thoroughly before signing up and making sure the privacy levels offered are right for you. 

Some of these might include disabling instant messaging or turning off location tracking. Anything you wouldn’t be comfortable being shared IRL shouldn’t be being shared online so make sure your chosen dating platform has your best interests at the core. 

Be extra vigilant when checking out privacy settings because not all of them are made immediately obvious at first glance.  

3) Dating Apps following you wherever you go is a no-no! 

Many dating sites have developed companion apps designed for meet ups and socialising with matches and potential dates. However when this means sharing your current location with complete strangers it’s important to ask yourself: is it worth it and what’s really at risk?

Considering the potential implications to your personal safety should this information enter into the wrong hands is crucial before consenting into disclosing such a sensitive piece of information. 

Consider disabling location-aware features when dating online and taking the time to really get to know your matches first.    

4) Safety before selfies!  

What many people may not be aware of is that our phones are configured with something called Geotagging every time you take a snap. This means that the location of where the picture was taken is encoded into the photos metadata and could be obtained by anyone viewing it when uploaded online through simple hacking techniques or the use of readily available third party apps.

Some dating platforms take the precaution of removing this data automatically however it’s always best to check first before sharing potentially sensitive information with complete strangers online. 

As an extra precaution consider downloading an EXIF Metadata app, a handy tool which can help you strip potentially compromising data as such from your photos before sharing them online.

5) Don’t let Dating-site emails clog up your inbox.

Many dating platforms will use the email address which you sign up with to keep you updated on new activity and digital traffic on your dating profile. However receiving an email each time you get a new notification on your chosen platform can mean floods of mail clogging up your inbox. 

For that reason it may be better to keep these sorts of emails out of your main email address that you may use for work, university or friends and direct them all to a new email made specifically for the dating platform. 

That way you can stay updated on all the winks, likes, super-likes, and flirty inboxes coming your way whilst keeping your primary email clean and tidy.