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10 FREE London Experiences for dates, friends, or strong independent singles!

London, a city of culture where antiquity meets modernity in the most vibrant and spectacular way, is worth exploring any time of year weather with friends, a hot date or going solo. With lots on offer to see and do, here’s our top 10 that won’t break the bank….. 

in no particular order… 

1. Sky Garden

Arguably the best view of London that money can’t buy; London’s Sky Garden offers a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the city in a stunning setting fusing together the futuristic open plan architecture of what is quirkily nicknamed ‘The Walkie-Talkie Building’ and the diverse and exotic variety of greenery that surrounds its interior (including rare species from the Mediterranean to South Africa).

This unique open space encapsulated by a near complete glass exterior provides breathtaking views, perfect photo ops, and a potentially wildly romantic backdrop for an unforgettable date night with the right person.     

Whilst free entry, London’s Sky Garden must be booked in advanced as there is limited daily entry and high demand and it’s not hard to see why, so check the website for booking details to avoid disappointment.  

#Nature #Architecture 

tate modern

2. Tate Modern

London’s Tate Modern Art Gallery is always at the cutting edge of Modern Art, with new things to see upon every visit. From big names Like Picasso and Andy Warhol to lesser known and undiscovered artists, there’s always something big and bold to discover at the Tate Modern. 

There are masterpieces to be awed at and oddities to be pondered upon; A unique experience all around. All great talking points and perfect for bypassing that initial awkward first date stage should you bring someone special.

It’s conveniently open till late Friday- Saturday, great for fitting in a bit of fun on a busy work schedule, opening from 10am- 10pm and from 10am to 6pm throughout the week.  

#Art #Culture

3. The British Museum

One of London’s oldest museums, the British Museum offers a vivid insight into the history of the world and exports you from the Ancient History of the Romans to the vibrant flamboyance of the Renaissance.

There’s lots to see, experience and talk about at the British Museum and it offers a day out that’s not just fun but educational too, and it won’t set you back a penny. 

For those of you looking for a fun and original date idea, the British Museum is well worth a visit. Not only is it cheaper than a fancy dinner, it’s probably a whole lot more interesting too, and is sure to make you look incredibly ‘cultured’ to the lucky individual accompanying you there. 

#History #Culture #International   

4. Hyde Park

The largest of London’s 4 Royal Parks, Hyde Park itself offers regal sights fit for a queen. It not only offers visitors a stunning natural space for a relaxing stroll but has fascinating historic monuments, and sculptures dotted around its swerving paths, giving visitors even more to discover upon their visit to this stunning green haven. 

Should you beat the unpredictable British weather, Hyde Park is a must see especially for lovers of the great outdoors. Art, History and Nature all for the price of none!

#Nature #Architecture #Art #History   

5. Crystal Palace Park

A public park with all the stunning greenery you’d expect and more, Crystal Palace Park has been providing London with Art and Culture since 1854. There are lots of fascinating and unexpected things to discover here including The Dinosaur Court, historic Italian Terraces and Maze. We’re sure you’ll be lost its awe!   

#Nature #Art #Architecture #Interactive 

6. Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Should you be short of time upon your visit to Hyde Park, why not just skip to one of its more interesting and unique features. This unusually shaped oval fountain spans across a large grassy field right in the heart of one of the most scenic parks in London. 

During the summer it’s a great opportunity to get your feet wet as paddling is permitted for those who wish to, however during the colder months it still offers an interesting view of one of London’s most unique water features.

#Art #Architecture #Nature #Interactive

7. Victoria & Albert Museum

Another brilliant example of London’s countless free passes to historic Art and Culture; The V&A Museum houses a 5,000 year old collection of Art from across the globe.  It’s amongst the largest Museums in the world so you won’t be short of things to see. 

8. Regents Park

Another one of London’s stunning natural spaces and a welcome get away from the hustle and bustle of Central. With carefully coordinated floral and water features, and stunning sculptures throughout, it could be considered by most as possibly one of London’s most romantic sights for those looking for just the right date setting. Although it offers a great stroll for friends and solo walkers alike. 

#Nature #Art

9. Science Gallery London

One of London’s galleries that most certainly doesn’t like to live in the past is the Science Gallery, which always has sights to see that are one step ahead of us in this fast moving modern age. With an ever changing and developing collection, you can be sure to see insightful exhibitions which reflect the world we are living in now.   

#Science #Interactive 

10. Welcome Collections

One of London’s most unique museums, The Welcome Collection challenges its visitors to rethink their perspectives on one of the most important things in our lives: our health. It links the past to the present in an insightful way and triggers questions you’d never thought to ask yourself. It is a rare opportunity to take a more introspective approach than many other London attractions. It is a living breathing entity with a vast collection to view, a social hub for discussion and active research happening on site; A fascinating and unique visit should you be in company or not.   

#Science #History #Interactive